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Turn on the old Victrola

Since barlow_girl is away at our church's women's retreat this weekend, I've taken the bus in for work and worship this morning. And since being on Sunday bus schedules means a choice between being early or late, and since I chose early, my trip includes a rare trip to my old haunt, Victrola Coffee and Art. I probably wrote more LJ entries here than any other place, so it seems fitting to jot a few lines this morning.

Settling into the new house continues to go well, with the usual laundry list (figurative and literal) of things to do. The great thing is, now that we're in, nothing has to be done, which is the first time in months this has been the case. Through the whole househunting process, there's been constant necessity and pressure to keep moving forward: searching, going to open houses, going on visits with our realtor, making offers, signing papers, doing inspections, completing applications, moving money around, packing, moving, and so much more. Hardly suffering; just a very different pace than what's required on the other side of it. We are in, and even though there's plenty to do, we can also rest a bit on that front (when we don't overschedule ourselves, which is rarely).

Being here at Victrola and writing here brings my mind back to other things past, treasured then neglected or just passed over as new pursuits took hold. The idea of "going back" raises big flags for me—we are no longer meant for The Garden, so to put our desire there is sorely misleading—but that's not to say there's not much to learn by reflecting on the journey and considering what passages are meant for here and for the near horizon. There's a place, a good place, for renewal and redemption.
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Where did you guys move to?
I think we're not horribly far from y'all—we're at 77th and 15th. Loving the neighborhood so far
Not at all- 77th and 25th :) Well, 7707 precisely. Come by sometime!! :) We walk around the neighborhood a lot, so hopefully we'll see you! We just went to Hudson's last night! Yay! Welcome to the neighborhood! :)
In our hunt, we actually looked at one place that was even closer, I think (it adjoined the park across from your place), but it had a layout that was too funky for us to embrace (though there was one upstairs room I adored). We are slowly settling in, but at least we're completely out of the old place, and I call that a victory.

We haven't yet been to Hudson! Recommended?
The drink selection is great, but the food is way too pricey :) We've been trying to check out some of the other restaurants around there- the little Mexican place, and I've been dying to check out Kopi. If we get a wild hair to go walk over for a restaurant visit again, I'll send you a note! It'd be nice to see you again!
This reverberates so strongly for me...your last paragraph leaves me wondering why I long to 'go back' so frequently in my own circumstances. I spend a lot of time reflecting upon the past, wishing that I could change it...

What I'll take with me is your last line. There's a place, a GOOD place, for renewal and redemption. Those are 2 things I'll seek and prize this year.

Good entry. I felt like I'd been abandoned on LJ!
It seems pretty "ghosty" here, but I'd definitely like to be more regular on LJ (and writing more generally) in the year to come. Good to know I'm not alone!
I've been writing but most of my entries are either too angry or too sad to post for general viewing. So I've marked them for my eyes only. Eh, it's a process. But I can feel a shift. I can feel the need to write more and to share what I've written. Do you think it's with the onset of a new year that we tend to feel this way? Maybe so. Glad to 'read' you again. Happy new year!
For me, the new year, arbitrary as it is, is definitely a big factor. Happy new year!