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Maybe as some sort of twisted penance for sleeping through the Victrola Christmas party last night, I came tonight and am enjoying a Latin-style flautist (between sets now). I was just in another of those restless moods and couldn't bear to stay in.

Restless, but not discontent. I'm again overjoyed that it's the weekend. I worked until after 6– I think I've worked late every night this week. Not without cause, though, and I doubt it'll be a constant. Sometimes it's just like that, and one can decide to grumble or see the opportunity for service and even worship. Looking back (feel free), I've done my share of the grumbling. I hope I can choose the better path more often.

Said no to watching the Allen girls tonight. They're great kids, and I'd love to have helped Tommy and Judy have a night out, but too much of my own week has been sucked away already. I'd be more amenable in a week like the one to come: I think I have only one evening commitment thus far.

I have an insane amount of television on tape to catch up on– tons of Buffy, the new Pretender movie, and the most recent episode of Smallville. kitiara recommends TiVo (a longtime object of technolust for me), and this would have been a great time to have one, as I'm only saving one of the above items. But I'm a poor, poor man.

New hole in the left elbow of my shirt. This is the way all of my shirts bite the dust– over half a dozen so far. If you're ever in Victrola and wondering who I am, look for the guy typing on the graphite iBook leaning on his left elbow.

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