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Returning to rhythms

Sure enough, getting back into regular rhythms with work and life has settled lots of my unsettledness and tied together much of what felt frayed. Since I work in a Results-Only Work Environment, I've got a lot of control of those rhythms where they connect with my job, as long as the work gets done, so it's no surprise that getting back into the groove is a largely comfortable experience for me. And on the home front, we did indeed get a Christmas tree Saturday, and barlow_girl got our place decorated beautifully (I helped, but she did the lion's share), so there's an additional splash of comfort and joy there.

With better perspective on the day-to-day (at least for the moment), I've also been trying on some ideas and new perspectives on how I'd like to see our church's culture develop more fully. While I don't carry the burden of leading our church as our Elders do, it's still good for me to think on these things as a staffer, a servant, a follower of Jesus, and a member of our community. Started to write some observations along these lines, but it got long enough to merit posting separately (it also makes skipping it easier!). Hopefully that will push my writing rhythms as well.
Tags: amy, home, life, rowe, the church, work, writing
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