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Unneeded burdens and the easy yoke

So much fog that I can't see much past my block from the deck this morning. Wonder if that negates the benefit of taking morning tea here?

The "I don't care" virus seems to be gaining a foothold in my preferences recently, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Just having a growing sense of increasingly bigger chunks of how I spend my time that I really don't care about, and that makes them so much easier to edit and refocus when I'm simply mindful of that fact (rather than keeping things going simply because they have momentum, regardless of meaning). Editing can bring so much freedom, and I think my life has a lot more space than I normally assume.

This might also bring a degree of freedom into my relationships, particularly those that aren't the closest to me, the ones that have plenty of blank spaces that I too often fill with my own opinions and judgements. So much of that simply doesn't matter and only serves to degrade my love and respect for others, as well as creeping into relationships that are closer and more vital to the life I'm really living.

The space I free up is of limited value in its own right. But Jesus and the abundant life to which He calls me can put that space to good use, and I'm often not yielding it to Him. I feel burdened by His yoke when the real heaviness comes from all the other things onto which I'm trying to hold, and so I resist Him instead of casting my cares upon Him. For whatever reason, I think I'm afraid of Him taking some of them away entirely, but I'm beginning to realize, in the most roundabout fashion, that I literally have nothing to lose.
Tags: hope, life, relationships, scripture, struggle, the gospel, trust

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