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Grounding and remembering

Enjoying a cool morning at Irwin's with a cup of coffee and a slice of banana bread. Felt pretty chaotic and untethered of late, which is uncomfortable for me, so this is nice. Sometimes the simplest things are also the most grounding.

We had a full slate last weekend, with a whopping six social engagements over two days, plus dinner out with a friend on Tuesday. And even though that's tiring to my introverted soul on one level (I only spoke with barlow_girl and a barista Monday!), each had a different kind of goodness that makes me glad to have our life, our church, and our relationships here.

Sometimes I feel a bit like the protagonist from Memento, needing to leave notes and messages to myself to remind me who I am when I forget. That's a lot of what keeping this journal is about. And as a Christian, I know that's also what the Holy Spirit does through Scripture—a "means of grace," in theological verbiage. I avail myself too little, I'm afraid.



Grounding and Remembering...


In all of it's simplicity (and underlying complexity), I really appreciate this post, particularly as just last night I had a 2-hour conversation with a close friend with exactly this focus (and in the little "coincidences of God" we were even using similar language of "rootedness" and "remembering"). For myself, this conversation continued online this morning - yes, I have what I would describe as "real and substantive" relationships online too (smiley face, and all that cutesy stuff) - and led to me into further reflection on the connection/continuity between Psalm 46 (including v. 10, "Be still, and know that I am God...), and the question that Jesus asks of his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" (Matthew 16.15, Mark 8.29). In all humility, it was a reminder of the invitation (and yes, absolutely, means of grace) to be grounded and to remember. Thanks for this post, brother...


Grounding and Remembering (Postscript)...

As a postscript, that last comment was mine, as I didn't mean to leave it "anonymous" but had not previously commented on LiveJournal. By the way, I dig the choice of "Mad World," as well...

-Markus von Steinfort

Re: Grounding and Remembering (Postscript)...

All themes worth contemplating, revisiting, seeking, asking, etc. Good to hear God places us on similar paths.

Funny stuff, the wired (or wireless, now) vs. in person relationships. Via whatever medium, each with its own limits, I submit we're as "real" as we choose to be. Critiquing a medium for its (mis)use is too often done lazily and with gross prejudice—I believe characterizing in-person interactions as somehow more "real" is problematic and erroneous on many levels, and ultimately fails to take responsibility for who we choose to be when we use any medium.

(You did none of the above, of course; I just couldn't resist commenting after reading the comments.)

Nice serendipity that "Mad World" was playing at Irwin's. It was a cover I hadn't heard before by a female artist—need to check that out.


Re: Grounding and Remembering (Postscript)...

Completely agree on your reflections on relationship(s). Also, I appreciated and silently chuckled to myself when I read your contribution to the Facebook string from yesterday. As you note, my intention there was not to critique the medium - after all, I own and regularly use an iPhone, a MacBook Pro 13", and my Facebook account - but to merely note that I appreciate a close friend (of ours) who has intentionally chosen not to go the route of mobile phones or (very much) e-mail, not necessarily because (I don't think) he himself would start with a negative critique of medium(s) but rather with a positive commitment toward relationships in another direction, in another medium and, on the flip-side, a recognition of human limit and limitation - therein I think there is "some wisdom" (particularly in recognition of the latter). Of course, limits and limitations always beg the question of boundaries, which is a related and yet separate conversation, and perhaps one that again at least somewhat brings it back to your initial reflections from this morning about grounding and remembering...




Re: Grounding and Remembering (Postscript)...

On "Mad World," drop me an e-mail if you discover the female artist that covered the song...