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iPad goodness

Finally took the plunge and bought an iPad yesterday. So fun! Enjoying coffee from Irwin's on the upstairs deck and giving this blog client a try. Was resisting the urge to get an iPad for my usual, sensible reasons (waiting for second versions of new electronics, not needing another piece of tech, etc.), but considering our upcoming Alabama trip for pigthatisbig's wedding and the amazing battery life of the iPad put me over the edge. Looking forward to giving the BanzaiPad its first Sunday morning spin, since that's where I can see it being most handy.
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Sunday morning spin

I'll be interested to hear about your Sunday morning experience. From my vantage point as a small-group adult teacher, I've been amazed at the growing number of smartphone Bibles following along in class. Seems like an iPad would be even better for that--and could include note-taking. - Mark Burge

Re: Sunday morning spin

I've been pulling double duty with a clipboard and an iPhone for ages, with an occasional laptop thrown in for good measure. My job involves lots of coordination (not hand-eye coordination, thank God) each Sunday, as well as a steady stream of "Oh, I've been meaning to ask/tell you…" requests to track (because others may forget, but I'm supposed to remember), so I'm kind of crazy-excited to see what I can do.

Plus, I'm going to put a digital copy of the bulletin on it, because I'm a huge dork and I can.

Re: Sunday morning spin

Mark, I really like this potential application of an iPad. We are on the cusp of distributing iPads to my entire work team for use in fundraising activities, and I have wondered what the heck I can do with mine in the 160 hours a week when I'm not showing videos to donors.