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Morning fog on Camano Island

All is quiet on the beach on Camano Island. Thick fog keeps me from seeing far past the shore, a contract with the clear day we enjoyed yesterday. Of our communitygroup, only barlow_girl and I are awake, and it's good for us to all be peaceful together (awake or asleep). I've really enjoyed our time; getaways like this are good for us and too easily overlooked. No deep or astonishing reflections for me just now, simply a quiet gratitude for a good gift.


You could have seen me had you stopped at the Starbucks in Stanwood on your way out of town!
I wish I'd been able to update my LJ from there so I might have known! What a crazy small world with even crazier channels of communication. That would have been fun!
Where on Camano Island are you?!
We were at a beach house this weekend, though I haven't a clue where on the island it was. Was so nice, but I'm bummed that I didn't even think of how close we were to y'all until afterward!
No worries! I just thought I'd check and see if you were still there. There's always next time :)