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Work, friends, vision, and gratitude

Yesterday had lots of good work and good conversation. I love being able to engage more "big picture" stuff, with all the design and detail work it takes to get there. It's encouraging when vision becomes more than just a smattering of buzz words and "we shoulds"—one of the problems with vision is that so many people think it's important, and so many of us talk about it for that reason, but so few actually put much thought behind the talk. Also had the opportunity to be part of giving practical, urgent care to some folks in need of that, so it was a great day for experiencing some of the best reasons why I do what I do.

It's not just the "work" that feels rewarding—I'm so thankful to have friends I can dream with, who will also challenge me, but often toward the same goals and the same Kingdom. I don't need all my friendships to work this way; it's just a deep blessing to also have those that can. And it doesn't mean there aren't plenty of empty spaces and longings; I'm simply grateful for what I've been given.
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