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Holy schnikes, it's been a while since I journalled. I've missed it, not because I have anything special to say, but because it's one of the ways I have any hope of sorting through my life at all. This also has the side benefit of revealing whether I do have anything to say.

The time after Easter always feels like a bit of a vacation as a church staffer—there's so much great stuff going on during Holy Week and so many people to serve that once it all winds down, the normal routine feels super-easy.

barlow_girl and I hope to travel sometime soon, just for us. We haven't really done that since our honeymoon, and we'd like to do it before we move toward growing our family. We're thinking Scotland (ironic, since so many people are grounded in Europe now from the Iceland volcano), and the current challenge is simply to make the time to dig in and make plans. Funny how the simplest things are the ones that invariably get me stuck.

Gearing up to facilitate the skills portion of training for our Deacon candidates over the next three Saturdays. I've missed training and education, so it feels good to work on it, even though it's cluttering the heck out of my inbox right now. Feels like I've been able to work more and more "in my wheelhouse" lately with projects, and that's a welcome trend.
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