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Regrettably, I've got a bug that just keeps hanging on. Started to feel it a little before we headed out to ultimateswing's wedding in Arizona last weekend, and it's still with me. Thankfully, it hasn't kept me out of work; the worst part is that the sinus side of it caused me to lose some hearing on our return flight last Sunday, and that still hasn't been 100% restored.

Our week ahead doesn't have much time for rest, I'm afraid: work and worship this morning (which will be good, having had to miss out last Sunday), friends over tonight for The Amazing Race premiere, time with Paul & Jenna tomorrow, seeing an old college friend then taking in The Great Divorce Tuesday evening, Ash Wednesday service Wednesday evening, and communitygroup Thursday evening. barlow_girl has her book club Saturday (which is fun to host, because I pretty much just freeload and eat the food everyone brings), but aside from that, running down the list prompted me to mark out Friday and Saturday on the calendar.

Lent is just around the corner, and I'm (clearly) challenged to slow down, reduce content and noise, and make room. Not sure what form that should take, but I've got a couple of days to think about it, assuming I make time for either.
Tags: community group, discipline, family, friends, travel, work

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