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Keep hoping to write more routinely, not just for its own sake but also for the rhythm and reflection it represents. Life as I want to live it and life as I actually do are still quite different, however. Reality looks a lot more like taking what I can get.

January is always wacky with year-end stuff at work, and the last week is always the wackiest. At least I've made headway, but sweet fancy Moses, it's been hectic this week. Also trying to help our Thailand Mission Team coordinate their finances, an endeavor which makes herding cats look easy. There are plenty of bright spots, including attending Deacon candidate training with the new candidates yesterday. Exciting to see glimpses of what God might do.

Realized this week that for some reason I've been thinking our rent is $200 a month more than it actually is. Good thing I haven't been the one writing those checks!

After work and worship this morning, we're celebrating our friend Paul's new job over a pint (or two) at Murphy's. Good times.
Tags: discipline, friends, home, hope, livejournal, money, struggle, work

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