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Been a bit under the weather since Wednesday—just a mild cold thus far, thankfully. Has me going a bit slower than usual, but since everything else is also going a bit slower than usual with the Christmas holiday, it's not so bad. barlow_girl was a trooper and went on a post-Christmas decoration shopping expedition, so we'll be equipped for a real tree next year (this year's tree occupies a tiny pot, and we should probably find a home for it soon).

Yesterday's brunch was fun and, oddly enough, I wound up coming home from the white elephant exchange with a gift from my Amazon wish list—an electric wine-bottle opener. Not the kind of thing I'd ever be likely to buy myself, since it's languished on the list for years, but it should be fun to play with for free, and if it breaks, no biggie. Robert & Kelly put out a great spread and were gracious, engaging hosts.

Tonight we're heading out with Jenna & Paul for dinner with Jenna's mom. Looking forward to it, a little moreso since I spent most of the afternoon asleep. Tomorrow is work and worship, so things aren't going to stay slow.
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