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Long Kiss Goodnight

God blessed us, every one

Our Christmas travel to visit family isn't until January, so we're enjoying a quiet Christmas in Seattle today. Our friends Robert & Kelly are hosting a Christmas brunch in a couple of hours, which promises to be fun. Otherwise, a simple day off together is plenty to look forward to in its own right.

Last night we celebrated Christmas Eve with Aussie pie (delicious!) and The Long Kiss Goodnight (also delicious!). Patrick Stewart's version of A Christmas Carol is ringing in the morning, and It's a Wonderful Life awaits for later in the day.

Been missing writing; life just feel that much more disordered when I don't. As far as I can imagine, just bucking up and doing it is the only solution, I think.


You and me both on the writing thing. Only I need to get with the fiction writing. Sheesh.
I once thought I might be able to write fiction, but I can't even imagine doing it anymore. Kudos!
What is Aussie Pie?? I really thought The Long Kiss Goodnight was a great movie, and I think it was not well received by critics. Mysterious.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Lee & Amy!!

Oh, and if you guys are in Floyds Knobs on Jan 9th please come for Aidan's 1st birthday part!
No Floyds Knobs in our future, though we do have a layover in Cincinnati on the afternoon of 1/7. Regrettably, that's as close as we'll get this go-round.

Google "Aussie Pie"—you'll love it!

Merry Christmas, Lewises!
A meat pie! Sweet fancy Moses!!