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Getting back to it

Getting back on the journalling horse is oddly daunting. I've had the window open to start an entry a few times recently, but no go until now. Not that there's anything to it, just a nebulous inertia made stronger by regular forays into Facebook or Twitter that scratch the itch a bit. Not that that's real reflection by any stretch—and not that this will be, either.

Noteworthy current or recent past events:
  • barlow_girl is away on our church's first women's retreat, at Sahalie Ski Club. Weather being what it is, we're praying for a timely, safe trip back. I'm pretty much over temporary bachelorhood.
  • Upgraded our home theater to a Blu-ray system, which has been just plain fun. The weirdest part hasn't been the system itself, but the fact that we bought speaker stands via Craigslist from a former Playgirl centerfold. This should (but won't) teach me to beware of unnecessary Googling.
  • Had beers with Merlin Mann and other folks last week in an impromptu meetup he initiated. Funny, energetic guy, which is pretty much as expected. And he picked up the tab, which is always appreciated.
  • This Wednesday is the annual Pre-Thanksgiving Stomach Stretching Feast (my sixth) at Buca di Beppo, followed by Thanksgiving dinner with friends at our home Thursday. It's so great to have more space to entertain and enjoy, and many guests at each event will be able to get to know new people.
Bussing it to church today (we're just having one service because of the retreat), so I'd better scoot.
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