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Good reasons to burn the candle at both ends

Hard to believe it's only Wednesday. Working hard to get and stay up-to-speed, which seems like quite a challenge. The re-addition of communitygroup into our weekly routines contributes to the feeling, but honestly, if it weren't that, it'd be something else, so it might as well be something that matters, right?

The projects also get me: this week it's finalizing catering for our Celebrating Grace dinner on 11 October and finalizing the quarterly Sunday volunteer schedule for October-December. At least "finalizing" is in both of those descriptions—you can tell I'm hopeful. There's also some serious proofreading and formatting required for our Introduction to Grace Seattle materials (which starts on 16 October), support items to provide for our Women's Retreat in November, and meetings next week with the Diaconate and with the landlords for the church building we use on Sundays for which to prepare. I really like what I'm doing; it just helps to realize that the reason I feel busy is because I am.
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