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Fog and following

There's a nice fog between me and the Seattle skyline this morning, the buildings poking out like the tops of icebergs. The rest of the sky is mostly clear and blue, and the sun is now high enough to make me squint. It's a good enough start.

Lots of projects at work, so my margin has been tighter than I like. My secret (if it can be called that) to being effective is staying in the future relative to everything else—I don't believe failure can be avoided, and trying to do so all the time is both stifling and crazymaking, but if I'm far enough out in front, there's enough time to recover that I can take better risks. In theory. In practice, I've been coming in way too close to the wire for my comfort. Thankfully, the buffer has increased a bit from earlier in the week. Still, it's tight and busy.

Our second week of communitygroup for fall is tonight. At coffee with Chris earlier this week, I noted that I really wanted to learn how we're following Jesus, individually and together. There's so much diversity of personality and lifestyle in our group, so it takes some effort from all of us to be together in that way, and there's no simple checklist on how to lead (it's more comfortable and easier to settle for being a discussion group or social club). Look at Jesus—that's all we've really got, and as a leader, I need to avoid the temptation to add to or subtract from that. And I need to be willing to do it myself before I can lead, as well as being willing to admit I don't have it down pat.
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