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Day off!

It's my day off. That's right, my day off! Since I'm officially on the clock on Sundays (after unofficially working Sundays for months), the boss has insisted that I take a day off during the week. I think I may have surprised her by jumping on it almost immediately and asking if Tuesdays would work. I'm so happy.

The week is a little socially top-heavy. Staff Meeting last night (last one of 2001), Buffnanzaa tonight (a holiday celebration combining the time-honored traditions of Kwanzaa, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and, of course, alcohol), the annual Christmastime screening of The Long Kiss Goodnight on Wednesday, Community Group and the Victrola holiday party on Thursday. Damn, I just made myself tired. Nobody is touching Friday night or Saturday without good cause.

Who knows how long I'll stay at Victrola this morning? Not I-- read a little, sip a little, write a little, repeat as needed. Funny how I don't mind the clatter when I don't have a day of work ahead.

Worried about my friend Christopher again. Probably will write more about it later, but learning that he and Sara have been gone since June and still aren't trying to connect with a church concerns me. Of course, there's much I don't know, but it doesn't sound healthy. "Lone ranger" Christians are absent in the Bible, no matter what we might want to think in our current, self-centered sensibilities. Christ's bride is the church.

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