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A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Really.

Look—brain scanning unborn babies!

Even though it's late-term, I wish this kind of science would, even for a moment, spur policymakers and the public at large to consider, even for a moment, the possibility that we've been doing something horribly, horribly wrong in allowing the termination of unborn lives as a legal option. They have minds! But science only matters when it supports what we want, and if that grotesque, destructive policy tells us anything, it's that we want what we want, no matter the cost. God, help us.


I just read. Whoa. Take all of my statements of "I'm sorry" and multiply them by about a thousand. That is so strange and unsettling.
I'm glad it's not just me. I thought it was weird, but when it kept happening, I worried that maybe I was the weird one.

I don't know her and already was aware of our wildly differing views, so I don't take any of this personally. Which is good, because I'd be a wreck otherwise!

Your icon cracked me up. Perfect!
I realize the "risk" I take with LJ and writing on the internet in general is the relatively open door to comments, responses, and interactions. I think of my journal as more analogous to my living room than a town hall meeting, so I'm taken aback when others respond in ways that aren't quite appropriate to that image. If someone comes in to sit down and have a chat, I'm comfortable. If they come in and start telling me where I should put the furniture (especially if it's their first visit), that's rude and a little weird, but it happens. If they decide they need to confront me as to why I've put the furniture where I have and will not stop, that's bizarre. Especially when neither I nor anyone else in the room has been talking about furniture at all.

This kind of nuttiness wouldn't work in a town hall or a living room—they'd get booted from either. Only on the internet could this behavior be considered "OK." But not by me.
I'm laughing so hard. You're being serious, I get that. And yet, it's totally hysterical.
The Tyra image shows what I'm taking close to a thousand words to say. But Tyra isn't angry. Don't judge.
We made nice. At the same time in separate comments.

How cute are we.