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A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Really.

Look—brain scanning unborn babies!

Even though it's late-term, I wish this kind of science would, even for a moment, spur policymakers and the public at large to consider, even for a moment, the possibility that we've been doing something horribly, horribly wrong in allowing the termination of unborn lives as a legal option. They have minds! But science only matters when it supports what we want, and if that grotesque, destructive policy tells us anything, it's that we want what we want, no matter the cost. God, help us.


I think it's the nature of the medium. A friend of mine recently quoted someone else: "No two people read the same book". Or something. We read and color everything with our own imaginations, biases, stresses, education and accents. (Reading Melanie with her own accent is surprisingly different from reading her with mine.)

We're bad enough at misinterpreting each other when we're face to face.

I think you're right, and I'm also starting to think it's much more weird than face to face—sometimes even the pretense of actually listening to/reading the other party is completely abandoned. When people do this in face-to-face life, the rest of us usually just back away slowly and hope they don't have access to anything sharp.

I still like the medium. I just may need to get more comfortable with responding to comments with some version of "Please read this entry" and/or "This isn't your journal," because it still feels weird to have to say those things—they seem self-evident, but they clearly aren't.
I've been spared a lot of drama because I keep my friends list down to (mostly) people I already know and I lock everything up, but even with that, every now and then things get said that have nothing to do with the words actually on the screen. Sometimes it's me taking things badly, and I've realized that there are some people with whom I just relate better in real life.