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Work day was promptly derailed by immovable printing problems, an external drive with wrong permissions, and a couple of lesser frustrations. Not what I'd have picked, but it didn't bother too much once I knew there was no way out but through (and found workarounds that could bail me out if not) and that the process wasn't likely to be brief. There's something soothing about the inevitable—scrambling and stressing don't make a lick of difference in such circumstances, so they're much easier to abandon.

On the other side of stonewalling, I've had some conversations recently that resurrect my fear of leading in a way that hinders others rather than helping and empowering them. Most of us have had the value of "thinking outside the box" affirmed to mythic proportions, yet sometimes "the box" is well-considered and in place for good reason. Resetting and reminding others of boundaries isn't fun for anyone after a while, so I second guess myself when I have to do it. Just a good thing to have in mind; there's no one answer that always applies, and the responsibility for others' experiences doesn't lie solely with me.
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Some people say ''Thinking Outside the Box'' doesn't work. Hmmm...

I believe there is no box. There’s a box. There is no box. Which I choose to follow depends on which situation faces me.

Tell me that my house is burning and that solving the puzzle will put out the fire and save my belongings, and I’ll bet I could solve it faster.

Present it to me in the morning when I’m still working on coffee, and I’ll see it as a frustrating, unsolvable challenge. Then I’ll yell, “NO FAIR!” and think dire thoughts about the person who tricked me.

So, my take is that it’s all relative to our motivation, inspiration and desire to find the solution to the challenges we face.
Period- my opinion of course. I do believe in persistence though…

I also think that creativity depends on mindset. Eienstein said that he wasn’t smarter than anyone else, he was just more persistent than most. It can be easily argued that he was pretty smart however.

Without a box, persistence is the key as far as I am concerned. In order to be persistent, one has to actually believe they can solve problems with new solutions.

Biggest obstacle I find in dealing with people in the business world is their inability to do anything outside of what they have done in the past. They do live in a box. Successful leadership is dependent on innovation and creativity. “Waiting for things to get better” is not creative or innovative…

Creativity starts with an idea. If the result of the idea is not within tolerance (standards) developed through previous achievements (or lack thereof), it is often rejected by the mind.

''Thinking Outside the Box'': Most hated business jargon, maybe not. Over used, absolutely.

I guess it doesn’t matter how helpful, creative, or original jargon is, if it catches on, it always rises (sinks?) to the level of cliche’ at some point.

Many other ways to look at it, even using box as the basic –

Look in a different box
Look in somebody else’s box
Put it in a bigger box

Who knows?

This is a can o’ worms; a paradox?

Great topic for discussion though- I love this stuff!