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Where I can be lazy and where I shouldn't be

Back at Irwin's for rainy-morning coffee—if I can't enjoy our roof deck, spending a while here for old time's sake is a good alternative. Love the rain and the fact that I have no plans for the day.

Updated the Macs to Snow Leopard with a minimum of fuss yesterday (and huge savings of hard drive space, which makes a tremendous difference on my MacBook Pro), then went to Chris & Molly's place for dinner and conversation. They're such good listeners and friends to us, and I'd love to do that more often with them (and hopefully do more listening than talking this time!).

That's in tension with my regular feelings of overextension and the challenges of relationship with anyone beyond a surface level. As with so many other things, something inside me is just plain lazy and wants everything to be easier than it really can be. So I need to regularly remind myself that even my very best friendships have been fraught with misses as well as hits—sometimes because I'm being a jerk, sometimes because of things beyond my control, often just because we're all people and that's always a mixed bag. Lots of our connection with Chris & Molly comes naturally and easily, so I don't want to be thrown if and when it takes a little work to be friends. As usual, I'm anticipating, but I know me, and sometimes a preemptive strike is necessary to combat my laziness and perfectionism.


No. Life is never Easy. If it was me, I think I would have missed all potential for seeing true beauty in the world. I'd take a beautiful sunrise for granted as just what is supposed to happen. But if I've had a hard night waiting for someone to survive in the hospital, going outside for a cup of coffee & seeing the sun rise builds me up. Helps me to remember what is truly important in life.

The harder it gets, the more you will earn..from difficulties in life, there are too much to learn from it..and that's the beauty of life that has never been easy...

But I guess life was easy, before we evolved into Homo Sapiens. Then we were all just hanging off trees, hunting with rocks and didn't have the perception of time because we only followed our instincts.
the huge savings of hard drive space of leopard is illusory:

well, maybe it was not that illusory, 50% space savings due to coding is quite a difference
I'll take it!