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Half-moon journalling

Full day of work capped by a Mariners' game with our communitygroup leaves me a tired guy. Since the sun beat me to writing in my journal on the roof deck this morning (once it's up on a clear day, there's not much hope of doing anything but squinting), I'm going for a couple of lines up here tonight by the light of the half-moon.

Sometimes the nature of my work gets to me—I love the overarching purpose of what I do (and too few of those of us blessed enough to have jobs can say that), but there are days like today when that means trying to navigate financial and legal labyrinths without many outside resources. Add to that the fact that the stuff I'm trying to wrap my head around is connected to ventures we're excited to launch into boldly, and I wind up feeling like the killjoy who's slowing things down, applying brakes when everyone would (understandably) rather be hitting the gas (and often have been, so I'm playing catch up, too). It's just a weird but probably necessary spot to be in, and I have to remember that I'm not as alone as I feel when I'm in it.

The quiet of the night does wonders to quiet me inside, too. I love looking out over the city without all the noise and voices and questions and requests.
Tags: community group, friends, home, seattle, work
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