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The other side of the mountain

We had a great visit by quiltlady (barlow_girl's mom) this past weekend, affording us the chance to play tourists in our own hometown. Friday we toured Theo Chocolate and rode the Ducks, and Saturday was mostly downtime for me while she and Amy went to the farmer's market, checked out some yard sales and fabric stores, went for high tea at Queen Mary, and attended Susan's baby shower (in the meantime, I checked out the anniversary sale at Comics Dungeon, where I met mercuryeric). Sunday was much more packed for me, starting with work and worship, then a dash to the Chapel of St. Ignatius for Connor & Sara's son's baptism, then back over to Volunteer Park for our annual church picnic. We dropped Amy's mom off at the airport early Monday morning, and I've been getting back into the standard groove since then.

What is a standard groove, anyway? Think I'm trying to figure that out—since (at least) when we decided to move earlier this summer, I've been shuffling things around and often just trying to keep up. Now that our busy season has hopefully passed, I'm hoping to find some better and more sustainable rhythms. For example, it's great to be able to do lots of my work from home, but I haven't yet been settled enough to bring good discipline or focus to the table on a regular basis. Likewise, we'll be restarting weekly meetings of our communitygroup soon, and I don't think either of us have a great grasp of what we want the rest of our weeknights to look like (they've tended to just be stuffed with stuff for the summer). By no means do I want a locked-in routine, just a better sense of what life looks like beyond doing the next urgent thing.
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