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Launching a new week

We moved back into the bedroom yesterday, which also allowed us to reclaim the living room and set up barlow_girl's new desk (she hasn't really had once since before we married, which is a total shame). Feels so good to have things shape up and stabilize a bit.

John returns from sabbatical this week. It's been good for him to rest, which also makes it good to have him return. With the ministry year beginning soon and our West Seattle church plant getting underway, it's exciting in a "back to school" sort of way. With all our home stuff, I'm still feeling behind with work, but hopefully I can get a good chunk done today.

Amy's mom, quiltlady, arrives this Thursday to visit, too! We've been looking forward to her visit for a while and it's a relief to have so much of the house done before she gets here (just so it's a welcoming and stable place, not to impress or anything). Amy has lots of great ideas of things we can all do as well as things for just the two of them, so it should be a great time.

With as much as we've got going, looking at the week ahead can be a bit daunting, but it's a lot easier to feel like we can handle it when we're sleeping in our bedroom and not picking up a paintbrush or roller anytime we're not doing something else. Not that we're done, but at least we can tackle projects at our pace now rather than having them hurtling at us out of necessity.
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