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More painting today. Readers can simply insert that phrase whenever I'm not updating, because that's what I'll be doing. We've got great help (Brian & Carolyn are coming over today, Carrie is helping Monday, and Jenna and the Verschuyls are up later in the week) and are making good progress; it's all simply a reminder that I don't want more than one job if I can help it. The painting itself is pretty easy, but the constant project management—figuring out and communicating about what's next, doing everything in the proper order, coordinating volunteer help, etc.—gets heavy and doesn't relent. Since that's the same energy and work as my job, it's taking a toll. Don't think there's an easier way (and trying to find one is yet more work along the same lines), so I just limp forward until I'm back to one job again. It's not that big of a deal, I remind myself, and it's true. I'm just really, really tired and won't have actual rest until the house stuff is done. The end of the month is my hope.

On the "good stuff" side (actually, it's all good stuff, there's just a lot of it, all the time), we had fun at Linda's annual bonfire last night at Golden Gardens. Been a long time since I did anything like that and it's great celebrating Linda's birthday while seeing her do something she absolutely loves with friends. We also finally had a breakthrough with Comcast (after a month) and are going to have cable and internet installed Tuesday. The latter is by far the most exciting for me (as we've been unreliably mooching from the landlords for all this time), but it'll also be fun to get the TiVo HD up and running (which we ordered just before deciding to move, so haven't used). Another good thing running through all of this has been the weather—much milder with regular cloud cover. It's made everything so much easier for me, and I'm thankful every morning.

Next weekend is a Community Group retreat, which I'm at once looking forward to and too overwhelmed to think about. Coordinating another project puts a knot in my stomach, but that's what it means to love others well right now. And yet again, it's not that big of a deal; I just won't be able to deal with it as soon or as completely as I otherwise might. barlow_girl has been doing the lion's share of the planning and communication, and what remains will be OK whatever form it has to take (since everyone has directions, food plans, etc.). If it's not OK for me to model what it means to be limited, then I'm being an awful leader.

Off to finish my scone and get to painting—second coat on two walls and some trim, then taping things off for priming, then priming, then cutting in on two walls, then painting them with their first coat. Poor Amy has to go into the office today in addition to hearing me whine, so she has the harder part.
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