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Getting things durnt

It's chilly enough that we had to close all the windows. Awesome.

Really looking forward to using our home as a home. That feels like a long way off. We've got three rooms left to paint (the first one is off to a good start, but the ceiling painting—my least favorite—feels never-ending due to patchiness), furniture to pick up (not that I'm complaining about free!), and I still can't get Comcast to transfer/install our service for TV and internet (been trying for nearly a month). I've mostly given up on any sense of "done," but that kind of sucks, and I don't want my unsettledness to be a downer, because that just slows everything down more and makes being done further away.

Fact is, we're doing what needs to be done as fast and as well as we can, and that just takes as long as it takes. I just don't like when there's not a workaround. I'll feel a lot better after diving into it some more, no doubt. And really, when I get over myself a bit, it's such a blessing to be able to do this, work, and have good stuff on our calendar all at once—I don't like having to "check out" of life (in part because it usually works badly), and we don't have to do that.

Best thing I can do right now is spread the word that we're looking for help to finish out the home stretch, so that's what I'll do.
Tags: home, seattle, struggle

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