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Full weekend

Yesterday was a social day—we chose three of six possible commitments and had a great time. Staci hosted a Seafair party with a delicious brunch and a viewing of the Blue Angels air show, Matt & Rebekah held their second annual lawn party, and Irwin's threw an anniversary party for their customers. Thankfully, Irwin's is just steps away from our new place, because I was so stuffed and tired by the end of the day that stumbling home was all I could muster.

Work and worship this morning. Still feeling a bit tired; probably a cumulative effect also contributed to by the heat. We may get some time with Paul & Jenna later today, which would be fun—it's been too long. Mostly, I want to go back to bed, but there are a few hours of troubleshooting and answering any question that crosses anyone's mind to deal with first.
Tags: friends, seattle, work

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