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Beating the heat

It's record-breakingly hot in Seattle—5:00 am is one of the few tolerable times to be outside for any length of time. Finished the last few loose ends of our move in the early morning hours yesterday, then borrowed Rich & Anna's truck to move our patio stuff after work. Saw (500) Days of Summer as our next option to beat the heat, and barlow_girl was eagle-eyed enough to spot our friends Drew & Sara at the movie, making it that much more enjoyable. Today is expected to be a lot like yesterday, so more survival strategies will be in order.

Growing a bit concerned about my hearing, of all things. Lately I've been having trouble hearing and/or following others—I notice it most with Amy, but that's natural since we talk the most. I'm sure my ability to track what others say is affected by the heat messing with my head, and Amy and I are also still getting used to living in a house where we can't see and hear each other every moment. Even so, it's really uncomfortable to feel like I'm missing something so much of the time.

Off to the air-conditioned office soon, no doubt. That's a Godsend.


How'd you like 500 Days of Summer? We're considering seeing it tonight to beat the heat!
Enjoyable, good for after-movie conversation, too. Combine that with AC and you've got a pretty sweet deal!