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Moving slower

Morning tea on the roof deck again. Managed to wall off the stairs up to it for a few days with stuff from moving, so being here again is a small victory. Seattle is looking at temperatures in the 90s this week, which is unusual and tough for us—not nearly as much air conditioning here, and places that lack it include our house.

Also have the final bits of our move to polish off this week. Sooner would be better, no doubt: cooler temperatures, less landlord pressure, and so on. Those last stages basically get down to all the stuff we'd rather not deal with, but there's no nose wiggling a la Bewitched that will get the job done.
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Our house has two big windows facing south, which serve quite well in focusing the light into heat. Nice during the winter, but we live with the curtains shut all summer long! I don't know how I'm going to cope today... I was very cranky yesterday :(
I've been spending lots and lots of time at the (air conditioned) office—who knew I could so easily be swayed from working from home?
Seriously. I have to think of someplace we can escape to today.
It sounds like when we lived on the Cape -- almost no one has central air and when a heat wave hits you really suffer. It can be miserable.

I wish you a cool breeze.
All of Seattle thanks you for your wish (even though it's not coming true just yet)!