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Home, sweet home

Taking my breakfast and writing while looking out over Seattle from the roof deck of our new house (a rental—anyone in Seattle or who knows our housing market knows that we won't be buying anytime soon). We've been painting for the last couple of weeks and got the the bulk of our move done yesterday. Moving's a lot simpler when you're going from 650 square feet to a house around twice the size. But the real difference on both painting and moving has been the help of many dear and generous friends. Most seemed surprised that it was so easy, but that's largely because so many of them helped carry the load (figuratively and literally) at different times. We're so grateful to God for them and for this place we get to call home now.

Hoping for a bit more quiet and rest as we settle in this week. There's more painting to come (hallway, den, and bedroom), but the pace is less frenetic. The den can't really be tackled until we settle more anyway—it's full of stuff that's finding homes in the rest of the house—and the other two rooms shouldn't be too tough now that we're here (famous last words, I'm sure). This past week was a harder push for us, and I think we're both ready to feel less divided.
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Congratulations on the move! :D
We just moved too!
We went from smaller to bigger also...sort of. The kitchen is smaller but more efficient so that's good.
Our major landing spaces for stuff is the rec room and the garage :) Having moved MANY times I know that is how it goes.
Of course if you labeled all the boxes with the room it belonged to I suppose it would be different...but who does that?! Especially when you move 9/10ths of a mile like we did :)
We are still not totally settled in but I've been kind of lazy the last few days. I get plumb tuckered and have to take a couple days of rest.
Congratulations on finding a place with a nice view! Ours doesn't have a view but it's a nicely wooded .66 of an acre in an area where the houses are mostly quite close. It feels like a secluded spot but it's still close to the city areas so I like it. And it's surprisingly quiet considering how close we are to Paine Field. We do get a window vibrating fly over occasionally but for some reason it doesn't bother me. I guess growing up here it's comforting to hear planes....and the gentle hum of the highway....it's the white noise I'm used to. It sounds like home.
Can we see pictures? is it the same neighborhood? This is exciting. :D
Oh, we are renting too...we don't want to take our kids out of the school they are in but we can't afford to buy in our neighborhood :)