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United States of Painting

Trying, trying again on having a bit of discipline with my morning, simply setting aside time before anything else for Scripture reading and whatever prayer, journaling, etc. may arise from that. Realized at ManTime that I really need this space in to grow in my relationship with God—which, not coincidentally, affects my relationship with all reality.

We've had great help from friends thus far in our painting adventures at the new house: Jenna, Linda, and the Andersens have all pitched in and made the load lighter, and some treats from velouria73 made it that much yummier. After a long day Saturday, we had our first deck cookout with Brendan & Janet, and later enjoyed fireworks and rootbeer floats from the smaller roof deck. It was a good glimpse into the lives we want to live in the house.

There's so much more to go. It's hard not to be overwhelmed by it, but I know it will get done and we'll be fine. Paul & Jenna are coming over tonight for more painting help (notice a theme?), and we want to set up some kind of schedule in which other friends can pitch in as they like (I had to get a volunteer schedule out for work before I could devote any time to our own version).

Was looking forward to breakfast at Voula's with the Andersens, but just noticed (thanks to linking this entry) that they're closed through Sunday. Bummer.
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