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Keeping up

Another in a string of beautiful mornings—so nice to be able to enjoy our courtyard in peace (unlike last year at this time). Since the MacBook Pro returned from the shop this Tuesday, I can journal from here as well. And while I'm not as oogly about the sunshine as most around here, I do appreciate the mornings and evenings.

We took in Around the World in 80 Days at Taproot last night withSeth & Adrianne. Fun show and good company. Diaconate meeting later this morning, and tonight we're headed to Andy & Wendy's for Galaxy Quest.

Lots to do for our annual Leadership Offsite next Saturday, enough that it's a bit daunting. Mostly, it'll just take plenty of time, and I've tried to set aside enough in my schedule. Hoping to get food catered from Victor's (where barlow_girl and I met up with jmcphers many moons ago), but if they don't call me back, then my hands are figuratively tied. Not too tough to round up another vendor, though.