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Taking a longer view

Thoroughly enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, in large part because it's absent the debacle of last year's model. Relaxing and looking forward to time with friends just adds to the enjoyment, as does the great weather (though I'm completely over Seattlelites' obsession with weather as the fully external determinant of their moods).

Since shipping off my MacBook Pro for repair Tuesday—apparently it likes to act up every year or so, and I think this time might be the end of the line for sinking money into it—my work iMac has been here at home. It's felt pretty good to keep things running from here, and that might affect my rhythms, at least for the summer. Even when I'm a grump, something in me loves the challenge of adaptation.

Through the wonders of the internet, just read a far-away former student lament the ignorance he sees in others, noting how sad or frustrating it can be and how sometimes "it merely reveals how small minded they are." Yuck. Seeing it elsewhere makes me acutely aware of A) how much I don't want to see people that way, and 2) how often I do. It's grotesque, and so very far from the dignity God's image bearers should always hold in the eyes of His people. Change me, Lord.
Tags: friends, home, mac, observations, relationships, struggle, work

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