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Jesus saves

Keeping up with the FAIL

My schedule's all out of whack trying to manage a longstanding issue with graphics artifacts and frequent freezes on my MacBook Pro. Folks at the Apple Store have been as helpful as they're able, but since it's passed stress testing and they haven't observed the problem firsthand (of course it behaves well for them, but crashes within an hour of coming home!), there's not much they've been able to do yet. Bringing it back today for another look—this means visiting University Village every day this week thus far, which is as close to Hell as I'd like to get.

Sucks that I've been such a grump lately, which isn't anyone's fault but mine. Thankfully there've been great times with barlow_girl and friends over the past few days, mostly untainted by my attitude. Think I'm trying to take on a life that would take at least two of me to manage, but I don't know what to drop (and/or don't know if I'd be willing to do so). Kill my television? Clear my schedule? Box my comics? Thin my friendship commitments? Unplug my internet? Restructure my job? Rhythm eludes me—my elementary school music teacher diagnosed the problem long ago.


peace to you :)
I think you'd benefit from a rigorous treatment of more coffee and Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.
That's a plan that can rarely go wrong. I like it!
I prescribe as I see fit. It often works for me.