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Life together

Had a very full day yesterday, with a Diaconate meeting in the morning, hanging with Chris & Molly in the early afternoon, swinging by Brian & Carolyn's housewarming party, and being Linda's guests for dinner in the evening. Been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about just where I fit with other people, and yesterday served as an interesting cross section of my relationships. No sweeping conclusions yet, if there will ever be—honestly, I'm not expecting or trying to build a system. I just wonder where my place is, and insights along those lines, even if scattered and few, are more precious than gold to me just now.

Paying attention to who I am in relation to others has given me a shot of much-needed humility in a couple of places. Serving isn't always going to be understood or even acknowledged, and it's far less comfortable for me than "leading" (which isn't always really leading), which may be a big part of why I need to do it. And my desire to be understood well isn't necessarily going to be met by those I serve or serve alongside—I don't know why I keep looking to have it met there, because there's no reason to expect the two to always be coupled.

More and more, I'm convinced we need the pluralistic chaos of the church. Of course the Body must be under Christ, the head, seeking obedience to Him over our own agendas. And of course the church is intended to be orderly in its work and worship, subject to the leadership God has appointed. But under (always under) these truths, we are many members, different by God's intent and indwelt by His Holy Spirit. The New Testament so specifically highlights the importance of these qualities—it's a new thing He's doing. We're meant to bump up against each other, often, by design, for our sanctification, for God's purposes in the world, and ultimately for His glory.

With skin on, that means being with one another, not in a holy huddle or even some post-modern "intentional community," but simply showing up. Something in us seems to want our life together to be more complicated, but I think it may be as simple as 1) living our lives 2) together.

Beyond any of the above, yesterday's mini-tour of relationships, in all their varied states, gave me a lot of gratitude. God has been good to me.
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