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Taking the easy pitches

Got to help an older couple from church reset their entertainment system today; they recently added a DVR cable box to the mix, which made the whole thing inaccessible to them. Some of their cabling was broken and some would benefit from an upgrade, so I'm ordering replacements and will hopefully finish the job next week. It's fun to spend time with new people and help in ways that are fun for me—not every way I'm called to serve is like that, so I'm grateful for the softball.

God's love is amazing (duh). I have trouble just getting over myself and my petty indignations, but God has it a lot tougher than I do:
God is a righteous judge,
    and a God who feels indignation every day.

—Psalm 7:11
Indignation every day! I feel that, but for crappy reasons most of the time, and it usually results in me being all the more crappy. But God rightly feels it, and yet He loves. Wow.
Tags: friends, god, justice, love, quotes, scripture, the church, work

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