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Humility and hard work

Crashed soon after getting home from work, and I just woke up again. It was a good work day: went in at 7 and left at 6, with plenty to do throughout. Plenty of joy in the working, too. I apologized to Suzanne as soon as she came in for my shortness with her on Wednesday. It is good to have forgiveness.

Needed plenty of grace today because I also realized that I failed to process our group health insurance renewal. Didn't know it was my responsibility, nor did anyone else, so I never even opened the packet of materials because I assumed it was personal information and filed it away without reading it as I usually do with health insurance info. By 1:30, all was fixed, but boy did I feel sheepish. Humility, over and over.

Plans with Kyle were cancelled tonight; might reschedule for tomorrow. Lunch with Nate today; he also helped with Orders of Worship. Nice to have someone else manning the staplers. No work tomorrow. I'm thankful.

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