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Sometimes I'm the digital man, keeping my journal online and doing devotionals from a Bible program. After a while, I find myself longing for pen and paper, especially that special, thin, crinkly Bible paper and the sound of the turning of its pages. I couldn't tell you why.

Realizing I'm wrong sucks. I've replayed the work conflict over in my head a few times, only to realize that if someone else had made the same request of me, I would have probably said yes. marm is completely right in saying that it's a personality conflict. Not that I'm wrong in any of the principles I wrote about; I think I'm right there and wrong in my heart. I need to repent of that tomorrow when she's back in the office. The apology is the easier part of repentance; turning from the sin the harder part. That's how it is a lot of the time. I need to be faithful in the former and depend on God in prayer for the latter. Not a bad plan for many, many sins.


Um... hmm you know, the trouble with LJ is that you don't see all what's going on in someone's life. I have no idea really if why you said no to your boss was personality or fact-driven, but I do think that you have a point with bullet points 1, 3 and 4. Those do see to be a matter of personality conflict, but one that you both need to resolve, rather than something to stick on one or the other of you as the "wrong" party. You shouldn't be expected to be as excited with no explaination, and asking pertinent questions, probing issues she might not have thought of is relevent and necessary. Although other people often perceive that as an attack, in fact it isn't. There seem to be other forces at work here as well, but honestly, I think some of this is just that the two of you sound like differnt people with different styles and discussing why she hears something different from what you intend (or you feel something different from what she intended) is something important to resolve, but not as issue for assigning blame.

As for everything else uncharitable that might have wandered through your head, you're on your own, sport. :)