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Sometimes I'm the digital man, keeping my journal online and doing devotionals from a Bible program. After a while, I find myself longing for pen and paper, especially that special, thin, crinkly Bible paper and the sound of the turning of its pages. I couldn't tell you why.

Realizing I'm wrong sucks. I've replayed the work conflict over in my head a few times, only to realize that if someone else had made the same request of me, I would have probably said yes. marm is completely right in saying that it's a personality conflict. Not that I'm wrong in any of the principles I wrote about; I think I'm right there and wrong in my heart. I need to repent of that tomorrow when she's back in the office. The apology is the easier part of repentance; turning from the sin the harder part. That's how it is a lot of the time. I need to be faithful in the former and depend on God in prayer for the latter. Not a bad plan for many, many sins.

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