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Teen Wolf Too

Reality rubs me the wrong way

A bit under the weather the past couple of days—just a nudge, hopefully behind me now. Been constantly cranking away at things, and yet still behind on a ton. Much of that feeling is probably more a matter of being more focused on my own cramped personal dramas than abiding in Jesus and the larger story to which He's invited me.

We've had slow internet at home recently, and that plus a couple of other internet-related frustrations makes me realize how much that stuff gets under my skin without my conscious knowledge. Honestly, it's pretty inordinate. Those kinds of frustrations grow much larger unacknowledged. Exposed to the light of conscious thought, it's easy to see how ridiculous they are (even if they're tougher than that to shake). I'm a spoiled, selfish creature. Thank God there's hope for me.


Hey, I’m just a random reader.
Hope you don’t mind, I love your writing!
All the best <3
Oh, thank you! I've been trying to write here more regularly (mostly for my own sanity), so I appreciate the encouragement!
Weird, we've been having slow internet issues too, but uncharacteristic of myself, it hasn't gotten me all worked up. The repair guy came today and said the problem is something outside of our neighborhood and had no certain date he could tell me it would be repaired -- and I didn't really care.

However, I did get worked up this afternoon when I picked up my truck from the service center and they'd broken my antenna.

Someday I'll be detached from the trivial stuff.
That's great that it's sliding off so easily—definitely more mature than I've been about it. I let stuff like this (or having my hair grow out too much, or having a bunch of stuff in my inbox, or any number of other small and unimportant things) get to me as a low-level, mostly unconscious irritation. Makes me think that if I faced anything close to a real crisis these days, I'd be a mess.
I don't think I can take too much credit. A little reflection reveals to me that I didn't sweat it because I'm generally way too busy with the kiddos to spend much time on the interwebs.

Now, the hair / inbox I TOTALLY get it. In fact, I have one to add -- my fingernails . . . When I don't keep them short enough. Maybe it is a guy thing.