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There, I said it (twenty-one in a series)

Righteous consumers make me a sad panda when they can't own up to their failings inconsistencies. This quote is a great example:
Whenever possible, I do not buy products made in any country that tolerates poor working conditions.

Dude. It's always possible. You don't have to buy anything, and the very fact that you've left yourself a back door based on the premise that you do indicates you're at least as much of a base capitalist as anyone you might denigrate as "exploitive"—you just don't want to feel bad about yourself when you do it. You like the choices you have and will only limit those choices when it suits your fancy. That makes you just like the rest of us here in the privileged Western world, which might be tougher to live with than some bizarro identification with the Noble Poor that's propping up your self-concept.

Want to work for justice? Face the truth about who you are. Want to really identify with the poor? Come to grips with the poverty you have—which just might be the fact that you love privilege as much as the rest of us. We won't hate you for it. Here's a secret: most of the poor would love it, too, so you don't really show much love by pretending to hate it while leaving all your options open. Make a difference by using your choices and admitting you pretty much always have a choice.


Oh, I love those folks too. The irony, of course, is that the best possible way to improve their condition is to buy a lot of those products, so that more factories will go in and the possibility of competition for workers will exist.

It's so easy for us to wag fingers, while often times, the conditions these people are working in are a vast improvement over what they previously knew. Are they in a good situation? Not at all. But to assume our standard for the rest of the world is the height of both arrogance and ignorance.

And, all that stuff you said.

Yeah, I've mostly given up on guessing what economic model is going to work best for which people (or for the most people)—sin is so easily institutionalized that I can't pretend there's a good or clean system (though of course I have my preferences). What I can't wrap my head around is that hypocrisy is the charge so regularly leveled against Christianity and the Church, yet people have no problem at all with inconsistent moralistic high horses like this one.

Christians are far from the only judgmental people on the planet, but we get treated as if we're somehow the main offenders. Preposterous.
I find your journal entries, as a rule, incredibly difficult to comment on, because usually you've said it all and there's no improving on the way you've said it.

I feel bad for always saying "well said" or "je concur", but . . . well said and je concur.
Thanks, my friend. Oddly enough, that's something I've been noticing is a barrier to relationship in my life—I often think things through before I speak (or post), and that makes it hard for others to find space to respond and engage. Not that I'm not accepting the compliment, but there's more there that you've hit on that I've been wrestling with, too.
Strange timing then! But in a good way.
I... I didn't know you were a panda.
that's why i support “pistols for pandas”, because man, they need all the fire power they can get.
Bring it!
It's why I don't post more often—these accursed paws.
I'm impressed at how often you post, given all the time you must spend eating bamboo.
One of my most favorite ones so far.
Thanks—the good news for the "There, I said it" series is that I'm pissed at something new every day (at least).
But at least I don't change my layout to be progressively more annoying (at least, I try not to).
Funny thing: I was just reading through Lee's journal and a few up from this one, I actually started looking for the "like" button.
I always enjoy There I Said It, but this has to be my favorite. The word choices and sentence construction knock the concept out of the park.
Why thank you! I wish I could more regularly be (somewhat) constructive in my crankiness.