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Finishing touches

Tightening up how I keep my inboxes reveals a few patterns. One is that much of what looks like procrastination in my life is the result of my tendency to stop just short of keeping a project going because I don't clearly identify my next action. This is Getting Things Done 101 (or even the remedial class), but it comes with a new "aha!" or two when I actually see it in (in)action in my stuff. Pushing to that action-defining level makes all the difference; once it's defined, I tend to get it done, sooner or later.

This cycle is at its worst when I stop short, then attribute the lag to the someone else's inaction while there's still more I could be—and often need to be—doing. My intuitive bent makes me a notorious step skipper, so I wouldn't be surprised if my brain just jumps ahead to what I need from others without even realizing the last bit I need to do, thus hobbling anyone's ability to really gain and keep momentum.
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