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Attitude adjustment

Been nursing an attitude problem for the past few days (or more, and certainly more frequently than that). When I get busy, even with stuff I love, it's so easy for me to feel put upon and get grumbly (our pastor preached about grumbling last Sunday from Exodus and 1 Corinthians, and boy, do I ever see it in myself these days), even if only in my own head. In some respects, the internal monologue is even more damaging and dangerous, because it's not checked by reality and relationships in the ways it needs to be (I also think this is a limitation of the internet as a way of relating—those checks either don't happen or become internet pissing matches largely devoid of redemptive qualities). Regardless, it feels like God may be righting me a bit, so I'm thankful, and sorry for the messes I've made with my attitude in the meantime. Life is a lot sweeter when I get over myself.
Tags: internet, relationships, scripture, struggle, truth
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