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Off my game

A bit out of it. Slept on the couch from 9 to 11 pm; I'll have to attempt O Brother, Where Art Thou? another time.

Minor skirmish with my boss toward the end of the day at work that would take longer to explain than it's worth. Involved principles:
  • If you're excited about an idea, it's not fair to expect that I will immediately be as excited about it as you, especially if you interrupt what I am doing to tell me about it and don't give me time to think about it.
  • If you ask me if I can do something, "no" has to be an acceptable answer for me to give-- otherwise it's not a question, it's just a way of feeling better about giving an order.
  • If I've said no, asking again is probably not going to be helpful or in any way rewarding. I thought about my answer before I gave it, and it's not as if you'll get me to say yes by somehow catching me surprise.
  • If I ask questions about an idea that you haven't thought of, that doesn't mean I'm resistant to it or don't want to communicate. In fact, I probably want to communicate more clearly, and that might involve challenging you to think through ideas more thoroughly.
  • If you haven't worked out a plan when you bring your idea to me, I assume we're still open for discussion. If you don't want to discuss it, have a plan or don't come my way, because I have other things to do as well.
I just don't think I'm wrong about any of this, and I hate being expected to feel that I'm a bad person for it.


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