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Work, friends, and prayer

So the thing with work (sometimes) is that, when I decide to really dig in to one project or another, it opens into a gaping maw that can eat my whole day/week/month life. It's not really stressful so much as it just manages to fill any and all time I devote to it. The feeling of freefall is disconcerting, but it's mostly just a feeling—really, the project at hand (and everything else) will work out just fine. The good stuff just requires work sometimes, and I shouldn't let that reality throw me.

Enjoyed coffee with Chris today. We've been grabbing coffee together every couple of weeks, and it's rewarding to build a friendship intentionally. There are a few pockets like that in my schedule, and I'd be a lot poorer without them (and the friends behind them).

Trying to pray more by actually making ongoing note when I say I'll pray for someone. The list piles up fast, which tells me a bit about how little I usually do after telling people I'll pray, and how anemic my prayer life is overall. Lent is about discovering things like that, then being encouraged by Christ's grace and power rather than crushed by my own weakness. I'm thankful He is at work.
Tags: discipline, friends, lent, prayer, work
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