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Freedom of choice (medical professionals need not apply)

Does the freedom to choose extend to medical professionals? Or should such choices only be afforded to those with less medical training and experience? And, if that's the case, is anyone starting to notice how ludicrous this is? As expected, the Obama administration has waited just over a month after the inauguration to begin weighing in on the matter.

In all other cases, I thought it was a good idea for medical professionals to be exercising their best judgment. Apparently, I may have been mistaken. Courtesy the new administration, U.S. tax dollars can now be channeled to promote and provide abortions around the globe, but if a trained medical professional can't in good conscience perform an abortion (which should tell us something about the territory we're in), well, they might just need a nudge from the government to get with the program/pogrom. And of course, "the administration is looking for input from people across the ideological spectrum before it finalizes the rollback after the standard 30-day comment period," so maybe I'm just overly concerned because I'm one of those reactionary, narrow-minded, single-issue voters.

But, as I've been so often encouraged to do, I have hope. I hope I'm wrong. We'll see in 30 days or so, and God will still be sovereign then.
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