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The final letdown

Just tried reading Final Crisis #7. Kind of like opening a long awaited birthday present to find crap in the box. Maybe it's crap "loaded with multiple, prismatic meanings and possibilities," but it's still crap, and it's even more ridiculous if you pretend it doesn't smell. I'll give it another read, but wow, what a letdown.


that - reminds me of this...

Iʼll try and explain how I felt.

Imagine being a twelve year old boy Richard. Now imagine itʼs Christmas morning and youʼre sat their with your final present to open. Itʼs a big one, and you know what it is. Itʼs that Goodmans stereo you picked out the catalogue and wrote to Santa about.

Only you open the present and itʼs not in there. Itʼs your hamster Richard. Itʼs your hamster in the box and itʼs not breathing. Thatʼs how I felt...

if you need more - click this.

Re: that - reminds me of this...

NIN. I JUST went to find a link to that! But I was lazy.

Re: that - reminds me of this...

Is there anything laziness can't solve? Or at least stop caring about?

Re: that - reminds me of this...

Far, far greater than anything I could write. And there's a much better chance of a bigger payoff when dealing with Richard Branson (our own Bruce Wayne) than from a mad, addled Scotsman with legions of fans and illusions of magic(k).
I only just now got around to checking in on what happened with RIP and now Final Crisis, and I'm glad I gave up. I'm increasingly disliking Morrison.

Wayne better be back. Soon. This is so dumb.
You know it's bad when Bruce's story is the most understandable arc.

I would like it if you two guys fought each other Sentry vs. Hulk style. (Was that comic book nerdy enough? I researched!)
Obama : politics :: Morrison : comics

I think I'd enjoy grabbing a pint with either gentleman, and I can see why other people like them, too, but their rabid fans scare me and I think having them in charge of too much is a scary prospect.