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City righteousness

Jonathan Hays, a local pastor and friend, made some great observations about "City Righteousness" that bear consideration:
City Preference vs. City Righteousness

I am writing this letter to you from Starbucks in a big-box store in the middle of a shopping center. And I am enjoying it. There is obviously something wrong with my soul.

I can prefer the city without sin. In fact, I can not really feel fuzzy thoughts towards certain cities and neighborhoods without sin. Preference, and enjoyment of place, is no bad thing. It is City Righteousness, however, that has caused my family issues for quite a while. And my Senior Pastor zeroed in on that as soon as I arrived. He has continually challenged my city righteousness, in usually funny or gentle ways, but I have arrived at the point that I realize that a number of my statements regarding the superiority of city-dwellers were just wrong to make.

I know that I am responsible for this sin, but there is a narrative I have imbibed and constructed – that truly missional people have to go to the cities. If you do not, you are not sexy, not cool, not with it.

But here’s the rub. God has given me a love for the saints in Lynnwood and a desire to see CrossPoint flourish where it has been planted. And so I need to, and will say that I am even comforted by the fact, walk away from that city righteousness. I need to serve those whom God has called me to serve. I feel that had not Pastor Kelly continually challenged me on my city righteousness, that I would have been very resistant to the call to serve Lynnwood.

—22 January 2009, "Oh, Lynnwood"
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