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Learning freedom

Up later than planned; in my sleepiness I decided that rising at the time of my alarm was overrated. Most of the time I don't use an alarm at all-- there are enough other annoyances in the world for me to start my day annoyed. If I can help it.

David is here at Victrola this morning, working on a writing job. It makes me happy that he's found this place-- my worlds coming together. Also does my heart good to see a friendly face and trade friendly words in the morning before work.

My apartment looks like a computer lab now. I set up my iMac for AOL access, since I didn't really want to mess with my AirPort settings for a short-term problem. The problem was so short-term, however, that by the time I got everything settled, I didn't need it anymore. So now my desk has three computer screens on it (I have an extra flat panel attached to my Twentieth Anniversary Mac), plus my laptop on its cart. Geekiness, thy name is Banzai.

I alternate between despair and hopeful acceptance about the amount of stacked up work I have at the office. The depair is the silly attitude-- none of it is that critical or that bad, and work is about unfinished tasks. Dave preached in part about the bondage of performance yesterday; I shackle myself daily. I'm free, though, and I'm learning how to live like it, I hope.

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