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Bee Docs Timeline 3D

In San Francisco wrapping up Macworld Expo with Bee Docs. Truly awful time for me to be ill, but we don't get to choose these things (just glad it's not worse). The vast majority of my time has been spent staffing our booth, so I haven't been able to take in much of the expo; maybe today I'll be able to get out more.

Anyone using a Mac should definitely check out Timeline 3D. Our friend Adam is the one-man shop of Bee Docs, and he's developed an amazing tool that creates beautiful timeline charts. Lots of people have stopped at our booth after being captivated by the gorgeous graphics, and it's incredibly easy to use—I made my first timeline in a minute or less. For the expo, he's offering the software for $30 (normally $65) through Sunday, and there are examples and a downloadable demo at the website (just be sure to order by Sunday to get the sweet deal).
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Timeline 3D is very cool. If I ever have the need to add a timeline to a Keynote presentation, I am going to pick it up.

It exports a Keynote slide for each event on a timeline, as well as being killer for presentations on its own. It's definitely worth $65 and practically a steal at $30. And I'm not even staffing the booth anymore, so there's no shilling in my endorsement!
Oh wow. I need this for work. LOVE!

Sorry I didn't get to see you guys this time around...what a week. Hope it was fun tho!
Get it! You'll kick everyone's ass (more) in presentations!

We didn't have much free time, either—it was still fun, but in a sick and slightly overloaded way.
well, if i would have known... chris went to that, and if i would have known... well, if... :(
That stinks, but it wouldn't have been much fun to see me hoarse-voiced and sniveling as I told people about software anyway. And we wound up not having nearly as much time and energy for anything else as we'd thought, either. So yeah, disappointing, but coming by would have been disappointing, too, so at least you saved a trip.
Well, even a momentary shared smile would have made the trip worth it. Kinda like the old days, SFO for uh... thirty seconds? ha-ha

Anyway, I certainly hope you're on the mend now. Maybe next time. :)

what were you doing at macworld?

do you work for this company?

Re: what were you doing at macworld?

Just for the week—Adam (the head honcho) hosts our Community Group, and Amy & I went down with his family to help him staff his booth. It was a great experience and really nice to spend more time with them.