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While I've noted my relative lack of new year's resolve, conversations with barlow_girl have me interested in how to approach 2009 with more deliberate intent. I love hearing her thoughts on these things, even when it's in small slices. The luxury of unscheduled, uninterrupted time melted with the snows, I'm afraid, so the time to really sit, think, and talk about the year ahead is elusive.

Journalling is a help, because thinking, writing, and reading allow reflection that often gets sidelined or buried in the speed of conversation. Regrettably, even journalling is too often strangled by its position amid lists and calendars—while they bring freedom in so many respects, they have a way of encroaching on the very things they seek to preserve. In the rhythm of our lives, there's a lot of competition.

So this isn't so much a resolution as a resolve to resolve, or at least to think, write, and talk about it. We're in a dash toward Macworld in San Francisco next week, so time is limited and noisy, but at least I can mark a desire to do something beyond running around and responding to dozens of stimuli. Baby steps.


Have fun at MacWorld

Enjoy your time in SF. If you happen to run into someone giving away the "new" Mac Minis could you snag one for me?